How To Start a Blog with WordPress In 2021 From Scratch: Beginner’s Guide

If you want to know how to start a blog with WordPress in 2021 and make some real money online then you are in the right place.

I have been blogging for the last several years in many different niches and here I am to show you the most simple way to start your blog with a step by step and easy method.

One thing I want to tell you is that there are millions of bloggers out there and making tons of blogs everyday. But don’t be afraid to start a new blog. 

Just think if it is that competitive then why would they post blogs every day? The answer is simple, it is still a profitable business and yes you can make money through blogging. Just a thing is that you should know the right method to do it. 

I know that starting a blog can seem overwhelming and difficult. Therefore this free guide will help you to know all about blogging for beginners. 

Here I will teach you to start your blog with just basic computer skills. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll be able to create your own blog in but 20 to 30 minutes.

Well, If you are still thinking that it is still difficult for you to start your own blog then let me tell you that I have made lots of mistakes while creating my 1st blog. I am not ashamed to admit that. And I am here to help you to make sure that you don’t repeat these same mistakes once you make your own blog. 

Here I am providing you the ultimate blogging guide for beginners that will cover – How to choose the correct & profitable niche, launch your site with WordPress, generate traffic, and monetize your site within the fastest possible time frame and make money online. 

What if I tell you that all this is possible while working full-time.

For this, you have to follow these step-by-step guides and take action on it. I will promise you that, you will make some decent amount of money that will eventually help you to leave that 9 to 5 job and make your own online business.

First of all, let us understand:

What is a Blog:

A blog is a combination of two words that is  WEB + LOG = BLOG. Web means Network or the internet network and Log mean writing or recording something. 

A blog is an online diary or journal located on a website. Content of any Blog can be in the form of text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs, and even scans from old physical offline books or journals and other hard copy documents. 

In short, a blog is a type of website that mainly focuses on written content, also known as blog posts.

You will Learn How to start a Blog with WordPress in 2021 with these 9 Steps just in 10 to 15 minutes and make money online.

How to start a blog with WordPress in 2021 – 9 Easy Steps to make money online:

  1. Choose Your Blog’s Niche ( Unleash ideas within you)
  2. Find the perfect domain name
  3. Get Your Hosting and Domain.
  4. Set up WordPress CMS.
  5. Pick Your Blog’s Theme.
  6. Design Your website to Start a Blog with WordPress in 2021
  7. Install WordPress Plugins.
  8. Set Up Your Blog’s SEO.
  9. How to Make Money from Your Blog

Step 1: Choose Your Blog’s Niche ( Unleash ideas within you)

Choose Your Blog’s Niche to start a blog

A Niche is any particular market or topic that you will be targeting in your blog.

Your blog’s niche can be any general topic that you would like to write or provide content around it. Examples of blog topics include – travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, technology, finance, and much more. 

There are many bloggers out there who will say – choose the blog niche based on your Hobbies, passion, life experience, expertise, and skills and they may not be wrong.

How to choose your Niche to start a blog
Source :

But If you want to make money through your blog then I want you to think about blogging as a business. 

Now imagine that you are starting your offline business. Will, you just choose the product or service that you are selling based on just your passion or based on what people actually need in the market. 

Of course, you will 1st do the market research to find out what people are actually looking for and then provide it. So that you can make more money, Right?

Similarly, If you want to start a blog with WordPress in 2021, choose the blog niche which is easy to monetize, and have more potential to make money online.

To start your blog, Understanding your audience is the first step.

The second and equally important step is to understand how much your audience is willing to pay to solve their problem.

This is your audience revenue potential.


You need to understand your audience and how much they’re willing to spend on your solution.

To explain this more deeply, let us consider that you take that common advice that everyone is giving and you chose your blog niche based on your passion, life experience, or based on your hobbies.

Let’s say that your passion or skills are teaching others how to drive a car. You chose a blog niche on car driving. And your experience is that you teach your students how to drive a car in 7 days.

So you decide to create an Automotive blog specifically designed to help people how to drive a car, your advice & Tip to drive a car, and Car Reviews.

  • You write 15 – 20 high-quality blog posts.
  • Incorporate Your video lessons on how to drive a car.
  • Create your Instagram and YouTube channels.
  • Build an About Me page and FAQ to tell your experience & Tips.
  • Add Amazon affiliate links to promote products related to the car.

This all sounds very exciting and practically possible, Right?

However, I am almost certainly sure that this blog will fail.


Monetization of the blog wasn’t the priority while choosing this niche, it was passions, skills, and experience.

So I highly recommend you choose your blog topic based on all the possible options to monetize your blog.

Here is my 4 step checklist to choose your niche.

Consider these 4 points while choosing the niche of your blog.

  • You must pick a niche that has enough audience interest.
  • Check niche size.
  • Explore competitors.
  • Analyze monetization potential.

Once you have decided on the blog’s topic it’s time to choose your blog name.

2. Find a Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog

Choose your domain name

Selecting a domain is not a tough task. You can select any domain that best suits your niche.

I often suggest including your keyword in your domain name. But keep in mind that don’t try to use the exact match of your keyword. Try to include other supporting words along with your main keyword.

In the past, I used to take too much time for this step. I used to search on GoDaddy for weeks trying to find the perfect catchy, short, niche-specific, and memorable dot com domain. I Highly recommend buying hosting from Bluehost so that you can get your 1st domain name completely free.

Buy domain name

Well, it is an important aspect in terms of SEO but not that important to think much about and waste too much time on it.

In the past, it was easy to get exact match domain names but now it is not that easy. Besides using EMD could make you very prone to Google penalties.

Here are my 4 tips while choosing your Domain Name:

Keep It Short & Simple: Always Try to keep your domain as short as possible. Don’t make it too long because it’s not easy to pronounce & remember. Also, short names are very helpful for branding purposes. 

Be Ultra Specific: The best way to choose your domain name ultra-specific. Even if you have decided to make a blog on micro-niche, I suggest you choose a domain name that is broad enough to accommodate topics that are closely related to your niche. 

Why so?

This is because just in case if your niche is too narrow and you get bored with that micro-niche then you may lose your passion or you may lack new topic ideas. 

If your domain is broad enough to accommodate plenty of new topic ideas then it makes it easy to promote some more affiliate products and target some extra keywords having high chances of making money than just a small topic.

Always Use TLD Extension: Try to buy the .com domain since you can target globally.

Avoid Numbers: You should avoid using numbers in your domain because it’s not easy to remember the numbers.

3. Choose a Blog Hosting Company and Register Your Domain for Free to start a Blog with WordPress in 2021

Choose a Blog Hosting Company

The next step in starting your blog is actually getting your blog online. This is done with the help of a web hosting company. In this step, you’ll be selecting the blogging platform and web hosting plan which will get your blog online.

Well, there are many blogging platforms out there but the most common blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

I highly recommend you to go with the WordPress platform since WordPress offers many flexible options to make your blog professional. Besides, there are plenty of free themes and plugins which will make your blogging career easier.

For a WordPress blog or website, you will need a reliable hosting provider. This is one of the most important parts of blogging since you will be investing money in this step. And a smart investment is an important part of any business. 

One more thing to keep in mind that there are some hosting providers who provide the 1-year domain free of cost along with their hosting.

The most reliable and high-speed hosting will positively impact your blog. The performance of your website is heavily dependent on your hosting provider.

A good hosting platform keeps your site up and running without interruption, provides security, and reduces bounce rate.

Therefore, I recommend Bluehost as the easiest option when learning how to start a blog with WordPress in 2021.

Some common questions that you may encounter right now:

1.You might be wondering what is web hosting?

To make your website accessible by other people on the internet, you will need a “Host”. A web hosting is a place where all the files (e.g Text, Images, gif, Videos, pdf) of your blog or website are stored and it renders all that information whenever a person tries to access it either by clicking your link or entering your URL in a browser or simply with any search query.

To make it easy, consider the example of Shop, Domain name is the name of your shop while hosting is a space inside your shop where all your products are placed. And the companies that provide this service are called hosting providers.

2.What is the cost of web hosting?

Web hosting comes in many different plans and thus cost. Good Web Hosting for beginners may cost you from 3 to 6 $ per month.

Although as your blog starts to grow up and blog traffic goes on increasing then you might need to change your hosting provider or your hosting plan to make sure your website runs smoothly and super fast.

But for a beginner, I highly recommend you choose web hosting which is more reliable as well as lower in cost. Since you are totally new to blogging, I would suggest you choose Choice Plus Plan of Bluehost or Grow Big Plan for the siteground.

3.What is the best WordPress hosting site?

As I said there are plenty of hosting providers out there and to be honest I personally found Bluehost & siteground are the best hosting providers for the beginner. Both of them have great customer support, Cheap prices, and provide faster website speed.

Among these companies, Bluehost is the most established and reliable hosting provider for a blog or website. So I highly recommend you go with the Bluehost to start your blog.

Buy Bluehost Hosting to start your blog

Plus, Bluehost provides some great features like below:

  1. 99% server uptime
  2. High-end security measures
  3. High-speed servers
  4. An easy-to-use dashboard that comes in handy for beginners
  5. Numerous hosting options to choose from
  6. 24/7 customer support
  7. Free SSL certificate
  8. Easy cPanel dashboard
  9. 1-click WordPress Installation
  10. Recommended by WordPress as the host of choice
  11. Low introductory pricing
  12. Money-back guarantee
  13. It only costs $2.95/month (via my links on this page)

Now, follow this step by step procedure to set up your website with domain and hosting.

Step 1: Visit the Bluehost website

Now Click on the “Get Started” button on the homepage.

Get Started with Bluehost hosting

Step 2: Choose your web hosting plan.

Bluehost provides 4 types of Hosting plans which include – Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

Best Bluehost buying plan to start you first blog

All these plans are made for beginners but I Highly recommend going for the Basic plan.


Because if you are completely a beginner then it is best to invest with a small amount and learn how to create your blog and make money. Once you start earning you can invest more for bigger plans.

But, If you are ready to invest a high amount at the initial level then I would suggest you choose the Plus plan. Because this plan offers Domain Privacy Which means your name, Email address, Residential address, phone number, and other confidential details, all this information will be protected.

Step 3: Enter Your Domain Name

Now, Once you choose your hosting plan, you will be redirected to the new page where you will be asked to enter your domain name.

Domain to start your blog

Click on “Create a New Domain” if you don’t have any domain name right now. If you select this option then Bluehost offers you a free domain name for the first year.

Or else, If you have already purchased a Domain name from any other company then simply Click on “Use a domain name you own”.

The best thing is, if you have not decided domain name yet, then it’s ok because Bluehost offers you the option to choose it later on. Just sign up and click on “Choose free domain later”.

How to start a blog  -  Buy domain later Bluehost

Step 4: Enter your details

Here you need to fill in your Account information to create your account on Bluehost.

How to start a blog - Account information for Bluehost

Make sure you provide all the right information.

When you scroll down, you’ll see the section of “Package Information”. Here you can choose how long you wish to continue hosting services. You can choose based on your budget but I recommend you to go for a longer time period for the lowest possible monthly charges. 

Bluehost allows you to pay for 12, 24, 36, or 60 months upfront. This gives you better pricing options for longer terms. If you are sure to run your blog for a longer period of time then I will recommend you go with the “Prime 36 Month Price” to get the lowest possible monthly price.

Finally, you can choose your payment option. You can pick payment via credit card or by PayPal option. 

How to start a blog - Bluehost Payment Information

Wow, Congratulations.

 You have completed the first major step in starting a blog.

Now you are done with purchasing your hosting plan and move to the next step.

Step 5: create your account and password 

Once you are done with your Bluehost hosting & Domain which is a major part of starting a blog, you will receive an email for a confirmation. Click on that link and create your account & Password.

How to start a blog - Create your account password

Now login to your account with the same password you have set before. That’s all for it, you have successfully created a web hosting setup.

How to start a blog - WordPress login

Now you’re all set to go! Since the web hosting setup is done, it’s time to move on to installing WordPress and getting into your blogging dashboard.

4. Install WordPress as Your Blogging Platform for Content Management System (CMS)

After completing the first phase of choosing your domain name for your blog and choosing web hosting, the next step is to choose WordPress as your blogging platform to start a Blog.

If you want to know how t start a blog with WordPress in 2021 then this is very important step for you.

Your blog platform, also known as your content management system is basically a platform where you will be doing all the writing of content, customizing, and publishing it as a blog post. 

Naturally, it should be powerful and easy to use even if you have no or little knowledge about the coding.

In that case, 

WordPress is the best blogging platform to start your blog online

There are many blogging platforms that are paid and free

Here is the list of blogging platforms in the United States.

How to start a blog with WordPress - WordPress States

Most people use WordPress as a blogging platform to start their blog which is clear from the above states.

The best thing about WordPress is that it offers multiple free plugins, themes, and various ways to extend the functionality of your blog. 

With Bluehost, you simply need to use 1-click to install WordPress, and you’re taken to your WordPress dashboard. Once you finish setting up your account and password, you will be redirected to install the Theme.

There are plenty of attractive free WordPress themes to choose from which also include free blog themes. However, if you want to pick your theme later, you can skip this step for now by clicking on the “Skip This Step” option at the end of the page.

From here, you’re directed to a new page where you need to click on the “Start Building” option.

Next, select what type of site you plan to create, and WordPress will help you in the process with prompts. You can also just click “I don’t need help” to go right to your dashboard.

Now next thing it will ask for your “Site Title” and your “Site Description.” you can enter what your blog is all about in short.

From here, I will advise you to spend some time and make yourself familiar with all the functionalities of your new WordPress blog and its settings. Test out all the features of WordPress and play around with different free themes to pick the one that best suits you.

This brings us to our next step – choosing a Blog Theme.

5. Choose your Theme to start a blog with WordPress

Now that you just have installed WordPress, the next step is to choose the best theme that suits your WordPress blog. The entire Appearence of your Blog and WordPress Theme are more important if you’re just starting your new blog with WordPress.  

A WordPress theme is nothing but a set of templates, files, and stylesheets that provide the appearance and design of your website or blog.

In blogging, the design of the blog matters because if you don’t have an excellent design, then you may end up losing customer engagement on your blog and eventually lose plenty of traffic. 

So, How to Install A New Theme For Your Blog with Worpress?

Here’s how you can install a new theme for your WordPress blog:

First of all, you’ll need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. To access your WordPress You can simply login by entering in your browser.

Next, enter your WordPress login credentials. 

Once you’re logged in, your WordPress dashboard looks something like this.

Now click on the “Appearance” option from the sidebar menu.

Next, select the “Themes” option from the “Appearance” section.

In the themes section, you will find various free themes, but if you have already purchased a theme then click on the “Add New” button at the top of the page.

Now Click on the “upload theme” to upload your zip file of the theme and activate that theme on your blog. 

Finally, you have installed and activated your preferred theme into your blog. Installing a theme is an easy task, but the important task is to customize that theme.

So if you want to customize your theme then go to the Appearance section and click on customizes, here you can customize your theme. A good design helps visitors to navigate easily throughout your website which ultimately helps to build more engagement, traffic, and money.

That’s the reason I strongly recommend you invest in some great theme that is fast, easy to customize, and improves user experience on your blog.

If you want to do blogging as a business, then you will need to invest in your business. Lots of people make these mistakes and run for free stuff. I strongly advise you to invest in themes and plugins, trust me this the best investment on your blogging journey.

I see many bloggers don’t invest in this type of thing and face many critical problems later on.

Which theme is best for your WordPress blog?

Now that you have decided to invest in a theme but wondering which theme you should choose.

Well, you may choose any theme you want but I will tell you what worked very well for me.

I use GeneratePress. This theme is very light (under 50KB) which loads your website fast. I personally like the design of this theme, and many pro bloggers are using it because it’s easy to customize.

Extra Tips On Choosing The Proper Theme to start a blog with WordPress.

  • Search and Read the descriptions of the various WordPress themes to get an idea about their features. This will help you get an idea of whether the theme will be compatible with your niche or not.
  • Choose a theme that is lightweight and responsive which will work well on both desktop and mobile devices (most of them are).
  • Getting support is the main thing, so always purchase a theme that has excellent contact support (like Generatepress and Themeshop).
  • Before installing a theme, make sure to check its demo or preview to know what it’s going to look like.

Most of the Premium themes come in the price range of $30 to $500 and you can find some excellent blog themes from a company like Themeisle:

Some of my Favorite Themes (Personally Used)

  • Astra Pro 
  • Focus Theme By Thrive Themes
  • Schema Theme
  • GeneratePress

6.Design Your website to start a blog with WordPress in 2021

If your ultimate plan is to make money from blogging you can make your website an aesthetically appealing site that’s easy to navigate.

Why is your website design so important when learning how to start a blog with WordPress in 2021?

As I said before, user engagement on your website plays an important role in blogging. Readers nowadays judge any website within a fraction of a second.

If your website looks outdated, untrustworthy, or doesn’t match the reader’s expectations… boom they’re gone. They are off to your competitor’s website.

A good design of a website definitely helps to build trust with the reader and engage them to stay on your website for a longer time. 

It shows the people that you have genuinely invested in the visual presentation of your business. And you are serious about what you are providing on your website.

How to design your blog with WordPress?

Well, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your website design. Firstly you can install a premium theme that will offer all the customization to your website to make your website visually awesome and secondly you can use website builders.

This is the best thing about WordPress that you can integrate any website builder plugin and built your website. This is one of the major advantages of WordPress and makes it easy for you while starting a blog with WordPress.

There are plenty of website builders out there but I will recommend the most popular in the market and easy to use that is Elemontor. 

You can use a free theme along with Elementor but you have to make many changes and customization. But this is up to you that you want to go with a free theme and Elementor or buy a premium WordPress theme along with Elementor.

Once you download the free version of Elementor, you will get all the detailed instructions on how you can install & optimize the theme on your website.

I personally like Elementor so much because it is very simple to use and there are plenty of tutorials on the internet showing how to customize your website with Elementor. 

So even if you are stuck somewhere while designing your blog, you can immediately get the solution from the internet.

Plus, there are over 2 million other people who have used Elementor to make their website, and they’ve been perfecting the theme for many years.

Then later on as your website eventually begins to drive in more traffic, you can upgrade Elementor.

The Pro version of Elementor is super affordable and allows you to unlock more options, widgets, templates, and design resources that will make your website awesome.

Once you’ve installed Elementor on your website, let’s dig into some of the essential WordPress plugins you’ll want to install, to add a few more key features to your website to start your blogging journey.

7. Install Your WordPress Plugins (15 Most important plugins to start your blog with WordPress in 2021)

A WordPress is an open-source platform, you can customize your site in an endless amount of ways by installing plugins.

Since you are new to starting your first blog, you might not be knowing what is this plugin after all?

What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress Plugin is nothing but a small piece of software you can upload to your website. This software contains functions you can add to your WordPress website that add more functionality or enable brand new features on your website.

I will tell you about some of the most essential plugins which almost every WordPress user installs, and it’s also an important part to run your website on automation.

WordPress offers thousands of plugins with different functions, including everything from email marketing and calendar integration to opt-in forms and SEO tools. These tools make learning how to start a blog with WordPress in 2021 pretty easy, as they perform a lot of complex tasks without needing any coding knowledge.

However, it’s not necessary to install hundreds of these tools on your blog as they tend to slow down your site and can conflict with each other during updates.

Which plugins should you add to your blog?

To help you cut through all the noise when you’re learning how to start a blog though… These are the 15 most important and must-have plugins to install when you start your blog.

Here are the 15 most important plugins to start your blog with WordPress in 2021.

1.Yoast SEO:

Well, Yoast doesn’t need any introduction. If you do not use this free plugin you’ll miss out on lots of great features to optimize your blog content. 

The more readers that can find your content, the better your blog will do and you will make money. The Yoast WordPress plugin helps you to optimize your blog post titles, descriptions, content length, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, and other elements across your entire blog so that you will get found easier by search engines.

2.WP Rocket:

Website speed is one of the important ranking factors in Google and WP Rocket plugin ensures that your blog loads faster for everyone.

Faster websites not only rank better in Google but also gives your readers a better experience. WP Rocket is an all-in-one plugin to boost site speed. This plugin can do many things like – minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, integrating along with your CDN, reducing database bloat, caches your pages, reduces your file sizes, and much more. 

The paid version provides a more advanced option to optimize your website’s speed. You can get started with WP Rocket just for $49/year.


It’s a good idea to improve your branding if your readers can get in touch with you easily, which I highly recommend. As it’ll encourage other bloggers who want to collaborate with you an easy opportunity to reach out. WPForms is an easy-to-use plugin that enables you to drag & drop contact forms onto any page of your blog.

4.Classic Editor:

If you’re running into issues with the new Gutenberg editor then you must try this plugin. You can roll back to the Classic Editor which is easier to write and post content. It’s free to use.

5.Easy Table of Contents:

This plugin allows you to easily add a Table of Contents to any page or post. The plugin will appear underneath your pages/posts, and you can select if every H2, H3, or any other header should be automatically added to the Table of Contents.

Tables of Contents are important if your blog is having long content. It also helps in many other ways like they keep users engaged with the page (by clicking around) and help with user experience. I often have a Table of Contents at the top of my new posts going to each section, then a “Back to Top” link at the bottom of each section so that users can easily go back to the Table of Contents.

6.Elementor Pro:

As I have mentioned before that Elementor Pro is the best WordPress landing page builder. This plugin allows you to create your dream landing page by just drag and drop. They have a free version of Elementor, but the Pro version takes it to the next level with much better templates.

If you’re struggling to build pages, Elementor Pro is a good option for you. You can get started with Elementor Pro just for $49/year.

7.Extended Widget Options:

Widgets are areas on your WordPress site that aren’t directly pages or posts. For example, sidebars, footers, and homepage sections can be considered widgets. Extended Widget Options allows you to expand the functionality of your widgets to make them more useful.

For instance, you can use this tool to make some of your sidebar banners sticky so that they scroll down the page with the reader. This can help you to get affiliate sales on your page.


This is one of my favorite and one of the best affiliate marketing tools. ThirstyAffiliates takes your random affiliate links (Link with full of random numbers, letter strings, etc.) and cleans them up so that they look nice. For example, which one looks nicer:



The second one is more clickable, leads to higher conversion rates, and can’t be stolen by malicious hackers.


OptinMonster is one of the best email opt-in plugins on the market (Depends on 100% how you joined this list). With the ability to create exit intent, modal popups, in-content opt-ins, and more, they are the reason that my email list is growing by about 60-75 users/day.

Well, there are multiple plans but don’t worry you can get started with OptinMonster for just $9/month.

10.WP Last Modified Info:

One of the important factors in search engine rankings is the recency of content. Especially if you’re in niches with new information coming out. This plugin allows you to simply show the date on every page/post so that search engines understand when it was last modified. For example, with WordPress, it’s easy to show a date, but it’ll typically show the Publish Date, not the last time you edited it.

By giving search engines an easy way to pull the Modified Date of your blog, you will see this date appear in your search results, and may see a rankings boost.

11.GDPR Cookie Consent:

This is a plugin that can make you GDPR compliant and make sure that you provide a popup highlighting how you use cookies to readers in the EU.

12.BigCommerce for WordPress:

This is the eCommerce tool that you can use to sell your digital products. I have used & tested WooCommerce as well, but it installed four extensions which slowed down my site and had an ugly checkout experience. BigCommerce for WordPress was launched in December 2018, runs via an API. This enables you to handle all of your content in WordPress and your backend eCommerce in BigCommerce.


Again, sometimes things will go wrong on your blog (and it won’t always be totally in your control). It’s always smart to have a backup plugin that’ll save all your hard work regularly, and this free one stands high above the rest.

14.iThemes Security:

 Security is the no.1 priority; many times, somebody tries to hack your website, so this plugin helps you to secure your entire website. Using the security plugin is essential to keep your blog safe.

15.Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress:

This is a 100% free Google Analytics plugin that allows you to see all of your relevant analytics data directly inside WordPress. Connect the plugin to your Google Analytics account (you can sign up for a free Google Analytics account right here) to find out who’s coming to your site, how long they’re sticking around, and what your most popular blog posts are.

If you are wondering how to install the plugin? Just follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to Plugins → Add New
  3. Then upload your plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.
  4. After installing, click on the “activate button” to install that particular plugin.

Now that we covered the best plugins to install for your blog let’s move onto the next topic on creating your 1st blog.

8. Write your first post to start a blog with WordPress

After completing all the settings and installing important plugins it’s time to start writing your first blog posts.

Well, you don’t need to be a professional writer to learn how to start a blog with WordPress, the only important thing is to understand basic sentence framing and proper grammar. There are many online tools for that, for example, you can use Grammarly. It’s an excellent tool to correct grammar mistakes. 

You also need to make sure that you know how to write a blog for the web and start framing your sentences in a particular structure.

For example, short paragraphs, bullet points, and images help break up long blocks of text and keep readers engaged.

If you are not sure about the writing then you can hire a content writer from a website like fiver where you can get tons of smart content writers to write down your first Blog. 

To create your blog post, you have to go: Dashboard → Post → Add New

After that, you will land on your post section as shown in the image below, and here you can start writing your first stunning post.

Now, Here is my tip that will help you to make your first blog post more attractive and SEO friendly:

If you are confused or have no idea on which topic you should start writing your first blog, then I’ll suggest you do some keyword research around your niche. 

You can make use of many keyword research tools. If you can’t afford the paid keyword research tools at the beginning then don’t worry… You can just sign up and use it for free to some extent. I’ll recommend some famous tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, and KW finder for free and later you can buy a paid version of it.

  • Always tries to create an attractive title for your blog post by using numbers and powerful words.
  • When you are planning for your content strategy, you should think about what your readers actually want when they are searching for a solution online. Make sure you target that keyword and provide the best solution for that.
  • Make sure your blog posts always provide value to your readers. Write with a clear beginning, middle, and end outline structure of the blog. Even the most boring topics can be made interesting if you structurize the content in that way.
  • Present your blog content attractively and make it simple to your readers. Make sure that textual and visual content in the blog is high-quality.
  • Make proper formatting in your blog post. For example: Format your headings correctly with H2 and H3 tags, and use bullet points wherever necessary. Make sure that no paragraph should be longer than 3-4 sentences.
  • Make your blog posts easy to read and conversational. This helps to build a connection with your audience.
  • Make use of 14-17 point fonts and use white space to keep your blog posts easy on the eyes.
  • Double-check for any typo or grammatical errors.
  • Bold some text to make it stand out.

Remember, when you’re learning how to start a blog in 2021, you don’t have to be perfect. A blog is a living document that can be updated over time. So don’t try to make your content perfect – just publish it without worrying & overthinking. You can update it later if you need to.

I suggest you go through the on-page guide which is required to rank your blog on google so you can optimize your content easily.

Use words like I and You to more connect with your readers. I recommend you always use copyright-free images from google or else you can create them with the help of

These tips will definitely help you to create your first blog post. 

Now let’s come to the favorite part of any blogger.

9. Some great ways to make money from your Blog

Yes, Bloggers do get paid exceptionally well,

Now since you have learned how to start your blog in 2021. Here are some of the common ways to make money from your Blog.

Bloggers mostly get paid through:

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online courses
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling products
  • Consulting

Are you excited to know more about these methods? 

Let me explain to you how you can make money from your blog.

  1. Advertisements – Bloggers do get paid by advertisements. There many advertisement networks that you can join. This is the most common way a blogger uses to monetize their traffic and make some handsome money out of it. Many bloggers are using it and making a decent amount of money.
    Two leading websites – Adsense and, You can apply to their program and make money from there.
  2. Affiliate marketing – This is one of the most effective methods for making money online. In this method, you don’t have to create the product. you have to simply promote other people’s products on your blog, and if you get a sale of that product so then, you will get a commission from the product owner.
  3. Offering Services Online: If you are an expert in any field or possess some skill then you can offer services to your reader, and they will directly pay you. This is one of the fastest ways to earn money from your blog.
  4. Selling your course or product: If you are an expert in your filed and people are really looking for that skill and want to learn then you can create your own course and sell it to your readers, but before that, you have to build trust towards your audience if you already have an audience then you can sell them anything.

Apart from this, you can also sell products based on your interest. For example, if you love to travel & run a travel blog then you could sell brochures on the best tourist destinations on your blog. Or if you run a food blog, you could sell e-recipes of your best dishes or a complete recipe book.

However, if your blog posts don’t offer much value to the reader, It may be difficult for you to create an income.

I have covered pretty much everything you need to know to start your blog. I will continue to update this post over time with the latest blogging techniques.

Now, it’s your turn. Why not start a blog with WordPress today?

Start a blog with WordPress in 2021 now. Start with Bluehost and get 63% off your hosting plan ($2.95/month).

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